Since our inception the tenets of CSR and philanthropy are firmly rooted in our corporate DNA. We believe that a responsible corporation should not focus on commerce only, but also on creating value through responsible actions.

We invest in adding value for our Customers, Associates, Community and our Environment. 

Our initiatives for our associates focus on their basic needs as well as their over all well being by programs such as Free Lunch (since 1988), Scholarship programs, Hajj Pilgrimage Program, Eye camps and various financial assistance for education, medical and family emergencies. 

We assist our community by providing double sets of uniforms for children of Jaago foundation nationally, partnering with National Youth Assembly and other community based programs. For our customers we have invested heavily in innovation, R&D and sustainability.

We provide a one-stop solution for a wide range of woven products.

  • Denim/Non-Denim woven tops and bottoms.
  • Outerwear, down and fake down jackets,
  • Workwear, seam sealed and heat-sealed products.
  • Quilted and padded jackets as well as Rain coats.
  • Ladies skirts and blouses.
  • High fashion denim tops and bottoms with embellishments like embroidery and prints.

Denim Tops

Non Denim Tops


Non Denim Bottoms

Denim Bottoms 

Ladies Skirts 



Product Development: Our design studio was created to inspire and invigorate our design team. The design process starts with our fabric experts who follow the latest fabric trends. Our designers pick the fashion trends each season and develop the product range in conjunction with our designers in the US and Europe. Every season we have a new development of fashion products with magnificent finishes, quality outerwear products as well as the very basic denim and non-denim items.

Innovation in Process: With the advent of Industry 4.0 we have generated considerable resources in automating our processes. Automation in our production process includes machinery manufactured by world class brands like VibeMac, Morgan, Lectra and others. To meet changing customer demands we have also converted a portion of our production lines to modular system with educated work force in order to meet low MOQs. 

Along with machinery, automation in software includes stand-alone software like Intellocut in the cutting room, Fast React for planning and data consolidation with our own in-house ERP system

Sustainability is a key element in our vision for creating value for our environment and ultimately our planet. With climate change wreaking havoc in most parts of the planet, we must bring efficiency in the use of natural resources and also work diligently to lower our carbon footprint.

Accordingly, in our LEED GOLD certified washing facility, 90% of our machines are sustainable (energy efficient) machines from European origin such as Tonello and others using the best water to liquor ratio in the industry.We use the latest sustainable processes in the finishing industry such as laser, Ozone, Jet Dye, Core, Nano Bubbles, No Stone and others.

For chemicals there has been an explosion in sustainable solutions which reduce the number of processes and hence the requirement for water and also substitute for many of the more hazardous chemicals which affect the environment and water quality.

5. Long Term partnerships

MBM has always been a quality and service driven organization rather than volume driven, hence we have partnered with like-minded customers. From the onset, we focused on Ethical customers who have similar vision and work on value added product, and are committed towards CSR activities. With most of our customers (for destinations ranging from US, Europe & Japan), we have decades long relationships, because we believed we needed long term partners in this journey. Working with world class customers and Brands (such as Levi’s, H&M, VF, Muji, G-star, AEO, Debenhams to name a few)… has been mutually beneficial to both sides. By partnering with Brands with a strong sustainable outlook we have also been able to introduce some of the best practices in this industry. Satisfying customers’ requirements through our product and services is one of key mission goal of MBM Group.

Bearing sustainability philosophy in mind ,MBM group practices beyond compliance that promotes with focus on value; fair and transparent anchored by strategic management system elements that drives continuous improvement in entire employment life cycle complying the labor law and international standard. We focus on upholding the core international labor standards and improved work place performance by ensuring decent working condition and business ethics that secure our strength in social sustainability. In addition to all the facilities of the group are secured with safety and well equipped with latest technology enable fire detection and protection and alarm system. As a result, the group has achieved numerous certifications and standards like amfori BSCI, SEDEX, C-TPAT, SCAN, GSV, SAC HIGG Index FSLM etc.