Investing in
Value, People, planet, Product

The tenets of CSR are firmly rooted in our corporate DNA and accordingly is reflected in our mission and vision. We believe that any responsible corporation today should not be focused on commerce only but should also function with a sense of responsibility towards our associates, customers and our community.

Responsibility to Associates

A company is only as good as its employees. Although we exist to service our customers, we exist because of our employees and associates.

Basic Needs

  • Free Lunch
  • Fair Price Shop
  •  Scholarship Program
  • Child Care Center

Well Being

  • Mother & Baby Care Center
  • Financial Assistance for Emergency
  • Her Project
  • Eye Camp

Entertainment and Recognition

  • Music Competition
  • Sport Competition
  • Annual Picnic
  • Different Performance Recognition Awards
  • Haj Program for Deserving Candidate


Responsibility to Community & Environment

We believe and invest in CSR activities that will improve the lifestyle and conditions of our own people and those of our community, nation and future of our population.


  • Invest in Sustainable Eco Friendly Technology for Washing, Dying, Finishing Processes
  • Leed Certified Facilities
  • Water Recycling & Rain Water Harvesting
  • Tree Plantation
  • Energy Saving Management


  • Organizing Partner of National Youth Assemble
  • Providing 2 Set Uniform to 2500 Children of Jaago Foundation Annually Across Country
  • Providing Clothing for Street People in Winter Season
  • Eye Camp & Medical Camp

Responsibility Towards Our Customer

The primary reason for us to exist is to service our customers. We have to ensure that we are providing the best value to our customers, external and internal. By keeping these in mind the MBM Group’s strives to make CSR activities a part of the daily existence of our management and workforce.


R&D Center

Sustainable Skill Development Program

Recognition for Best Partner

Higg Score

Higg StatusFSLM



 1. MBM Garments Ltd.Score: 59.70%
Year: 2022
 2. Cutting Edge Industries Ltd. Score:  77%
Year: 2022
 3. Cutting Edge Industries Ltd. (Washing Plant)Score :   71%
Year: 2022
 4. Absolute Quality wear Ld.Score:74.50%50.00%
Year:Aug, 20222021

Sustainable efforts

From traditional washing machines using high liquor ratios (1:12 to 1:10) we are converting to European based eco friendly and sustainable machinery using sustainable processes and low energy and input usage such as water, energy, manpower etc.

  • Tonello front loading washing machines are used where liquor ratio is 1:5 to 1:6 with larger loading capacity, which save water and energy.
  • Tonello No Stone process is used whereby stone wash is done without adding pumice stones (which are damaging to the environment as stone dust is flushed trough the waste water) and also save manpower and energy.
  • European dryers with auto heat control are used to safe energy and resources.
  • Tonello Ozone machines are used to cut down the wash process by 20% and save chemicals whereby bleaching affect can be achieved by using oxygen instead of chemicals.
  • Tonello Core (E Flow machine) is used to wash garments using Nano Bubbles technology. Goods can be washed with very low liquor ratio (1:1) and other affects such as dyeing, stone wash (without stones), acid wash (without towels) etc. can be done with same Nano Bubble technique with less chemical, water and energy.
  • Laser machines are used to perform dry process operations like whisker, hand sand, PP Spray, destroy, knee cut, all over print, color print etc. which traditionally has been done manually using excessive manpower and using PP and other chemical sprays which are harmful to the environment.
  • Biological ETP using MBR system has been planned by which we can re use 90% of wastewater.
  • Finish process also uses advanced equipment like dip dyeing, 3D machines and natural #D conveyor ovens to perform value added functions for high end products.


MBM Group launched Child Care Center named as ‘Udvash’

Parents nowadays have to worry about a lot, but most regular is the issue of having someone to care for the child, especially during office hours, specifically if both parents are working. Fortunately, that support can be in the form of a beautiful initiative named as ‘Udvash’ (in English revelation) – Child Care Center in MBM Garments Ltd., re-launched in September, more

One of the unique features here is CCTV surveillance at all key areas with access to live footage for the guardian’s’ mobiles, ensuring easy remote monitoring. Udvash is well monitored and regulated under strict standards of the MBM Group CSR department, and qualified teachers operate the preschool, which is an additional service. Furthermore, every caregiver is efficient and skilled, with many years of experience. Our center is clean, hygienic, and hazard free. We assured that the child is not being injured, hurt or that there is no negligence in their care. The most of the parents who have enrolled their child in our center are highly satisfied. We take our employees children aged 6 months to 10 years, meaning, even school-goers can join the daycare after school. And it is a completely free service for our employees. We are open from Saturday to Thursday, 8AM to 8PM.

Employee Recognition Awards

We believe, the appreciation is a fundamental human need. Employees respond to appreciation expressed through recognition of their good work because it confirms their work is valued by management. When employees and their work are valued, their satisfaction and productivity rises, and they are motivated to maintain or improve their good work. That’s the reason MBM group starts recognize their employee every year in different category.

Providing 2 Set Uniform to 2500 Children of Jaago Foundation Annually Across Country

Under the community development projects, we are providing 2 sets of school uniform among the 2500 underprivileged school going students of JAAGO Foundation School from 2016. JAAGO Foundation is a Non-Profit Organization working for underprivileged children. Currently they are operating 13 English version schools across the country. Moreover, for last few years, we are helping more than 15 

individuals in their education in various levels.

Annual Picnic

All work and no play is no way for a workforce to operate, and we think most companies understand that. Sometimes we just need to get everyone together for purposes other than making money and driving profit to keep the fun around the office, warehouse or job-site alive and well. In that sense, every year we host a day long picnic program with our all employee. In picnic, we have arranged live spots contest, cultural performance, best performer awards, loyalty employee awards, and farewell. We know the picnic is well-known for rejuvenating and motivating employees with a much needed break.

Jaago Ifter program

The Annual Iftar Party of JAAGO Foundation is a gathering of students, sponsors, volunteers and well-wishers – a gathering of friends!
The Annual Iftar Party 2019 was held at the Boishakhi Maath adjacent to the Rayer Bazar School Branch. At the same time, the students of JAAGO Karail and Tongi School also had their Iftar Party at their respective Branches.

Doing Business More Ethically In A Sustainable Manner Is Actually CSR

Many businesses today have involved themselves in different forms of CSR activities. However, if the future business arena will not be enough to have some superficial participation. Rather, companies will need to draw attention internally at their own business policies, supply chain, corporate governance, and compliance to figure out ways to literally run their business in a more ethical and sustainable more

The business builds for making a profit. But triple bottom line enterprises realize that they should do more. The concept of the triple bottom line was introduced in 1994 by John Elkington and later in 1997 used in his book ‘Cannibals with Forks’. Naturally, enterprise owners devote themselves to the financial profits their businesses make but these days more owners are beginning to think about business sustainably. The triple bottom line theory expands the regular accounting system to include two other performance areas: the social and also the environmental impacts of their company. These three bottom lines are often referred to as the  three P’s: people, planet, and profit. ‘People’ means employees, the worker engaged in a corporation’s work, and the extensive community where a corporation does business. A different way to look at ‘people’ is, how much does a company benefits society? A triple bottom line company pays fair wages and takes steps to ensure humane working conditions at supplier factories. They make an effort to ‘give back’ to the community. They are moving with their all engaged partners and believe in ‘grow together’ concept. For example, MBM group has a  scholarship program for children of their associates, and for the  ommunity, they have a project ‘giving school dress’ to underprivileged student across the country who study under the Jaago Foundation’s Education Program. Hence, built into the fabric of the company vision is also the life enhancement of both the people who work in their factories as well as live in the community. The people benefits and MBM Group provides itself a well-educated source of scientists and innovators for generations to come. In addition, they have free lunch for every worker, fair price shops, childcare centers and also other assistance activity for the associates and community. Environmental experts have been saying for a long time that Bangladesh would be one of the most severely affected victims of the global warming phenomenon. Public opinion has dictated that enterprise that harms the environment should also bear the cost, and you can bet enterprises are taking notice. The ‘planet’ piece of the triple bottom line indicates that a company tries to minimize its ecological footprint as much as possible. These efforts can include reducing waste, investing in renewable energy, sustainable machinery and technology and managing natural resources more efficiently as well as improving logistics. Mr. Saifur Rahman, CEO of MBM group said, we invest in more sustainable and eco-friendly technology for washing, dyeing and finishing processes. We have LEED-certified washing facilities, which show our commitment to sustainability. Every year we have tree plantation projects. We also invest very strongly in energy-saving management. We have ongoing efforts to improve our Water Recycling & Rain Water Harvesting percentage. In the profit part, while most businesses pursue monetary profitability relentlessly, triple bottom line enterprises see it as one part of a business plan. The addition of social and environmental responsibilities can have a positive effect on a company’s financial bottom line. Sustainable companies also recognize that ‘profit’ isn’t diametrically opposed to ‘people’ or ‘planet.’ Mr. Mehroz Jalil AMD of MBM group said although profit is essential to any private organization, at MBM we recognize that it cannot be the only criteria for business existence. As we have clearly stated in our company vision, we believe that any responsible corporation today should not be focused on commerce only, in addition to profits we should also function with a sense of responsibility and the creation of value. Value to our clients, value to our associates and also value to our community and environment. As we progress in our business, we keep these very important tenets built into our corporate DNA. By keeping these in mind the MBM Group’s strives to make CSR activities a part of the daily existence of our management and workforce. In conclusion, we will see most large, national and international companies have moved through the first four types or stages of CSR those are: defensive, charitable, promotional and strategic. How many things you are maintaining or doing or certifying through different agency or government. Instead of that, in future companies will be  ecognized by how innovative they are in using their products and processes to tackle social and environmental problems. And obviously  rogressive companies will be required to demonstrate full life-cycle management of their products, from cradle to cradle. We will see most large companies committing to the goal of zero-waste, carbon-neutral and water-neutral production, with mandated take-back schemes for most products. So the future of CSR is doing business more ethically and sustainable manner. 

Mehedi Shamim, Business Development & CSR Professional


Organizing Partner of National Youth Assemble

MBM group was the big part of National Youth Assembly 2018 which was organized by JAAGO Foundation’s youth development wing “Volunteer for Bangladesh”. The event is hosted 140 elected youth leaders, 20 group leaders from 8 Divisional Districts of Bangladesh alongside a group of youth icons, entrepreneurs and social influences. The aim of the country’s biggest youth program is to foster Self-development, Capacity building, Self-reliance, Develop leadership skills among the youth community of the country. National Youth Assembly is the biggest youth event of the country which is enlightened by the presence of recognized personalities of country. The National Youth Assembly’s member will work in various social awareness campaigns with a motive to achieve Sustainable Development Goals in every corner of the country. Apart from working, Good values are added in their life such as, sportsmanship, proper spirit of competition, team-spirit, co-operation, discipline etc. Annual Indoor Sports Day makes working life lively, interesting, enjoyable and memorable.

MBM Scholarship Program

In our CSR Policy, we consider education to be key to the future of our associates, their family and also our nation. With the reference of our CSR policy, we have designed a project named MBM Scholarship Program in 2015. The Project have started with 1 children from English Medium Background and now 13 students from various institution are under this project. All of the students came from underprivileged economical background, but with the highest merit. The scholarship amount mostly based on their needs like school fees, tuition fees, uniform, books and other educational tools. We have a plan to open a dynamic new generation school for underprivileged children in the future. 

Medical & Eye Camp

In the CSR Policy, The well-being of our associates prime consideration for us. Accordingly we arrange several time different types of medical camp. We have been supporting our worker for 35 years by giving medical checkup and provide awareness to live healthy and hygienic daily life. As worker came from poor background, most of them are not aware about their healthy issue. This program will make them more conscious about their health. The camp used to happen twice a year.

Sport Competition

Fair Price Shop

Hajj Program for Deserving Candidate

Free Lunch at MBM Garments

Since we believe in a grow-together concept and that’s why we care our co-worker. In meaning of care, we are providing free of cost lunch to every worker and employees in every working days from 1989. By this project, we got lots of positive response from the worker. Currently, we provide free lunch among the 2500 employees. Initially, we run this project at MBM Garments Ltd. Gradually we will going to touch every employees of our MBM group.